There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves.  So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I believe they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.  I would be happy to email you additional testimonials if you are interested.   Click here to download client referral letter.

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I Recommended You for an Award!

"After the closing of our [home, I] felt what you did for us was so over the charts for caring and effective service to us, that I was determined to do something special for you.  I felt a simple thank you letter was woefully [inadequate.  However,] in [hindsight, I] should have at least done that.

I thought of a bunch of [things - gift] cards, flowers, basket of fruit or fruit [tree - nothing] was adequate for the way we felt about you.  The more time that went [by, gave] me more guilt for not doing something to let you know how we felt within a reasonoble period of time.

Now Christmas has gone, and I have turned in my Display Key and signed the membership resignation form for CAAR effective 12/31/13.

From the time I knew I would turn in my broker's license, I wanted you to have my four new [lockboxes, if] you can use them.

The other thing is that when I read the email from CAAR soliciting recommendations for Awards, I contacted CAAr and got the forms.  None [fit; so,] I wrote my recommendation [anyway and] filled out one of the forms.  Even if you don't win an award, I wanted the powers that be at CAAR to know how special you are.

I hope you will forgive me for waiting this long to let you know how much we appreciated you." - (A.T.W.)

I seriously doubt there is a better Realtor in the area...

"I recently made the decision to buy my first home in the local area & I feel especially Blessed to have had such an amazing Realtor..."

Impressive Speedy Helpfulness
"Over the past few months I began noticing flooding in the basement of my home. I was having a hard time getting the builder to cover any of the costs of the fix since the warranty on this type of damage expired after a year. It has been 2.5 years since I finished building my home. It was then that I reached out to Cynthia. She had been my realtor when I built and closed on my home. Even after 2.5 years Cynthia happily and speedily reached out to my builder and got them to agree to cover half the cost. I was very impressed with Cynthia’s desire to help me so long after she was my realtor. Having a realtor who will help you years after you have closed on your home is a great asset. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor!" - (D.L.)


Attentive... A Wealth of Knowledge
My wife and I recently closed on a home in the Charlottesville area and worked with Cynthia as our realtor. She was very attentive to every detail of the process. We lived in another state and she took time to take detailed photos of the home we were interested in and spent a significant amount of time talking over the property with me on the phone. In addition, she was a wealth of knowledge with regards to connections with other service providers (carpenters, painters, cleaners, etc.) in the area. I also appreciated her consistent integrity from negotiation to closing. Our experience with Cynthia was excellent! - (R.M.)

A Cut Above the Rest!

"Cynthia, I just wanted to say thanks for all that you did and sorry for any ulcers I may have caused you. I told my client early on that they were fortunate to have you as their representative. I've worked with a lot of real estate agents over the years and not many of them are very convincing that they really care about the interest of their clients. You are a cut above the rest. Thanks again for all that you did and I wish you the best going forward!" (C.P., Lender)

A Reputable Part of Your Community

"Cynthia, you are truly the "expert" in real estate and topics that affect seniors and caregivers today. But, I am so glad to see that you are also a valuable, reputable part of your community trying to make a positive difference and not just a money-hungry real estate agent trying to make a quick buck. Thank you for all the investing you do in people and in serving the community for the long haul. May God bless you with success in all you do!" (L.W.)

I'm not sure there enough words to thank you...

"I want to thank you for everything you've done for me throughout my first home buying experience. I can't imagine going through it with anyone else. You've taught me a lot about the real estate business and put me in contact with some great people... I'm not sure there enough words to thank you." - (E.C.)

Hard Working

"You worked very hard and did a great job, which is why I'm 'keepin' ya on board.'" (M.R.)

The Extra Mile

"As the paralegal for our mutual client, I wanted to tell you what an exceptional job with this purchase. It was a handful, but you really handled every challenge with professionalism and went MORE than the extra mile - far MORE than a Realtor's typical position. Congrats!" (J.P.)

Above and Beyond

"I did want to express my great appreciation for the work you put in. The effort has been extraordinary. You worked hours normal humans would have gone to bed and you were immediately responsive to my requests and drafting changes. You will be quite successful delivering this level of service to customers. Thank you for going above and beyond!" (L.R.B.)

Your Expertise is Amazing

"Even though we wound up deciding to rent an apartment, for now, we can't express our appreciation enough for the endless hours, energy and committment you put into researching homes for us before we moved to Virginia. Your expertise in real estate is amazing. Once we start looking again, you can bet you'll be the first to know!" (L.R. & L.R.)


"The reason I refer you is because you are so dependable, easy to get in touch with, and you really listen to what people want, other than trying to make the bigger buck, like most of the other realtors. I'll keep on referring them to you, don't worry about that one bit." (B.G.S.)


"We think Cynthia does a fabulous job. We can trust her, and you can't always trust everyone." (H.G. & J.G.)

You Actually Listened

"You actually listened to our needs. We appreciate your hard work. You helped us get things into perspective." (R.L.)

A Blessing!

"Thanks for everything you did for us. It was greatly appreciated. I can honestly say I did not have to worry about anything (even being so far away) because I knew the details were being taken care of. You are truly awesome and we were greatly blessed to have found you!" (J.S.)

A Real Life Saver

"Cynthia, thank you so much for all you've done! And, now, here you are giving us a gift when we should be the ones giving a gift to you. Without you being there at our closing to catch the assumption error made by our banker & closer, we would've been without homeowners insurance. And, you were able to arrange for it all right then & there. Again, thank you so much!" (K.N. & M.A.)

Truly One of the Best

"You are truly one of the best Realtors I have ever worked with. Thank you for completing all the details - even the smallest ones. We are very happy here and it is beginning to feel more like home." (T.S.)

You Are A Pro!

"Thank you for a very productive day. I know you were working, but I was having fun. My day was exactly what I had hoped for, and you accomplished it on very short notice. You are a Pro!" (E.B.)

You Make Us Look Good

"You make our property look so good that it makes us want to buy it back!" (J.G.)

Easy and Stress-Free Process

"Thank you for the gift card you sent. It really wasn't necessary, but very much appreciated. I also wanted to thank you for all your help in selling the house. It made for an easy and stress-free process. I'll be sure to pass your name on to anyone I can. Thanks, again." (C.S.)


"Cynthia's conscientious attitude was apparent throughout the time she represented us." (K.A.)


"I appreciated Cynthia's creative marketing ideas during our professional relationship." (A.R.)

Hand Picked

"Cynthia, you are so nice, we could not have hand picked a better realtor. I know GOD hand picked you just for us. Thank you for all you do!" (M.D.)

Practically Poetic

"Your descriptions of my house are practically poetic." (E.W.)

Such a Sweetheart

"You're such a sweetheart for showing me properties ... taking me to the bank for my social security check deposit was above and beyond the call of duty." (E.S.)

Not Pushy

"Thank you for spending so much time with us and not pushing us to sell. Your knowledge and patience has helped me a lot." (S.B.)

Not All Equal

"I will certainly recommend you if I hear of anyone looking for a Realtor. As I told you, Realtors are not all equal. You get my vote! Thanks so much." (D.V.)

Got The Job Done

"Thank you for EVERYTHING you did in helping to close the sale. As always, you went beyond your services as a Realtor to get the job done! You're great!" (J.P. & T.G.B.)

Earned Your Commission
"You surely earned your commission! Thanks so much for being on our side!" (B. & M.S.)

Outstanding Realtor

Thanks for all your work. You are an outstanding Realtor, loved working with you ! I will recommend you anytime!(S.A.H.)

Effortless For Me
ou sold me my first home about a year and a half ago and made the process pretty much effortless for me and I thank you again for that!"(D.G.)