Thank you for entrusting your property to me for marketing and the sale process. For your convenience, I have provided a .pdf copy of the Distressed Intake Packet for you to print and complete.  This packet contains the following pages:
- Property Information Sheets

- Document Checklists and Information

- Authorization of Loan Information Release

- Hardship Letter

- Borrower's Financial Information

- Household Spending Plan

- Expectations & Timeline

I will also need copies of the following Documents:

  • Most Recent Mortgage Statement(s)
  • Deed
  • Title Insurance
  • Plat
  • If Applicable, Lender Letter(s) of Default Specifying The Loan Account Number(s) & Telephone Contact Number(s) for the Loss Mitigation Department
  • Financial Statement/Budget
  • At Least 2 Years (Most Recent) Tax Returns: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007
  • Paystubs Covering the Last 30 Days (Both Sellers If Applicable)
  • 3 Most Recent Bank Account Statements
  • Handwritten Hardship Letter
  • Specific Power Of Attorney (If Applicable)
  • Authorization Letter With Acct #ís & Social Security #ís
  • Intake Packet (All Blanks Must Be Filled In)


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